Every child has a natural love for music! That is why music education should be part of our world and our child's world from an early age! Music provides many incredible advantages: it contributes to the development of the brain and fine motor skills while providing an exceptional context for a healthy social and emotional life.
I have confirmed that music can transform the spirit and life of every person that learns how to play an instrument. 15 years ago I decided to continue researching and learning about different teaching methodologies along my career as a pianist. This has also allowed me to gain experience teaching in universities and as an independent teacher with children, teens and adults.
Every individual is different in their learning process and personal interest, therefore I offer different types of piano curriculums/lessons with a solid methodology and a variety of musical genres like classical, Jazz, pop, rock, Colombian and Venezuelan genres.

In the beginning lessons you will explore, feel and learn foundational music skills such as tempo, meter, pitch and volume as well as rhythm,    music symbols and an initiation to the piano. For the intermediate level all of these skills will be developed and applied to  different repertories and technical abilities. For the advanced lessons I focus on a very specific objective as: Preparation for music auditions and preparation for college admissions. Because several people have asked me, I recently opened special piano lessons for singers, online classes, International classes and group classes! 


   Welcome to my piano studio!!